A patch is required 24 hours before tinting & LVL. Please read the consultation, before and aftercare advice before booking your appointment.

Lash & Brow Treatments

  • LVL Lash Lift 1hr £39.00

LVL ~ Length, Volume & Lift. This process lifts your lashes to make your eyes appear more open. The lashes are then tinted to define the length & volume. A very popular treatment which enhances your natural lashes with no glues or extensions. Low maintenance and the results last up to 8 weeks.


Brow lamination can be used to create symmetry in uneven brows, lift straight brows to create a higher arch,  correct your shape or to achieve the dreamy fluffy brow look! The treatment is a similar process to a perm where the hair bonds are relaxed the hair is  repositioned and set in place. Results last up to 6 weeks

  • BROWHAB 45MIN £18

BROWHAB for over plucked or out of shape brows which are in need of extra TLC. The Initial consultation will include measuring & mapping your brows, then we will discuss & plan your desired brows. Brows will then be tinted, threaded, tweezed & then defined with finishing products. Desired brows are usually achieved in 3 visits spaced every 3/4 weeks

  • LASH TINT 25mins £14

Tinting lashes defines your eyes; the length and volume of your lashes. Can be used 3 weeks after LVL to enhance the results. Results last up to 6 weeks

  • BROW TINT 15mins £9

To define your brows and frame your face, and draw the attention back to your eyes. Results last up to 6 weeks

  • BROW SHAPE 15min £9

Shaping your brows using wax, threading & tweezers.

  • FOR LVL, EXTEND & LASH TINT ~ If you wear contact lenses please remove them before you arrive and bring your glasses with you. Please read the T&C’s before booking.

I’m here to answer any queries you have on any of the treatments listed here, please reach out if you have any concerns!